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Multiple Choice Questions on Views

Multiple Choice Questions on Views

1) Which one is not applicable while querying on a view?

a) From
c) Order By
d) Where

2) Can we create Clustered Index with Count (*) in a view?

a) True
b) False

3) Refer below query which leads to create a view named vwEmployee.

CREATE vwEmployee VIEW  
SELECT nothing
FROM dbo.Employee
WHERE ID < 100
Now, tell the problem in query?
a) Above query is correct.
b) View name must be after keyword view and ‘nothing’ is not a keyword , so should be replaced with *.
c) Replace nothing with view name.
d) Replace nothing with column names.

4) A view always fetch up to date data from the table because it runs it’s query each time it receives a call, is this statement correct?

a) True
b) False

5) IN SQL Server, can we Create Partitioned Views?

a) True
b) False

6) How can you drop more than one View in single command?

a) Drop viewname1 + viewname2 + viewname(n);
b) Drop viewname1; Drop viewname2; Drop viewname(n);
c) Drop viewname1; viewname2; viewname(n);
d) Drop viewname1, viewname2,viewname(n);

7) What is true about views among all the given below statements:

a) View never references actual table for which it is created.
b) View can’t use JOIN in it’s query.
c) The performance of the view degrades if they are based on other views.
d) Only option to safeguard data integrity.

8) Can we show computed values in views from different columns of a table?

a) Yes
b) No

9) Views are also called as:

a) Complex tables
b) Simple tables
c) Virtual tables
d) Actual Tables

10) Are views stored in Databases?

a) Yes
b) No