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Multiple Choice Questions on SQL Join

Multiple Choice Questions on SQL Join

1) The JOIN which does Cartesian Product is called?

a) Left Join
b) Left Outer Join
c) Right Outer Join
d) Cross Join

2) Are FULL Outer Join and Cross Join Same?

a) False
b) True

3) The JOIN which returns all the records from the right table in conjunction with the matching records from the left table and if there are no matching values in the left table, it returns NULL. Which is this JOIN?

a) Right JOIN
c) LEFT Join

4) What are also called Self Joins?

a) OUTER Joins
b) INNER joins

5) What is true about NOT INNER JOIN?

a) It is a JOIN which restricts INNER JOIN to work.
b) It is one of the type of the JOINS in SQL Server.
c) When full Outer Join is used along with WHERE. This join will give all the results that were not present in Inner Join.
d) None of the above.

6) What is the other name of INNER JOIN?

a) Equi Join
b) In Join
c) Out Join
d) All of the above

7) List the types of Inner join?

a) Out, In, Equi
b) Left, In, Cross
c) Equi, Natural, Cross
d) None of the above

8) Which type of Inner Join restricts fetching of redundant data?

a) Equi.
b) Natural
c) Cross
d) Outer

9) Which type of Inner Join fetches result with redundant data?

a) Cross
b) Left Outer
c) IN
d) Equi

10) Which join is used for Joining the table to itself?

a) In
b) Natural
c) Cross
d) Self